Devastation, Raging Fires, Catastrophic Flooding – Brother Knights Need YOUR Help!

Dear Brother Knights, From the Pacific to the Gulf Coasts, devastation, raging fires, and catastrophic flooding have disrupted the lives of countless individuals and families. We thank all who have responded to our call for donations over the past few weeks as Knights assist those in need by preparing meals, cleaning up debris-ridden yards, and providing much needed supplies. Our job is far from finished. There is still more to do. If you have made a commitment to our relief efforts, know that 100% of your support is used to help our brothers through difficult times like this. If you are planning to make a gift, please consider making it now so that we can continue to serve those in need. Know that we appreciate your willingness to help us help those who are picking up the pieces of their homes and communities. In His Service, Ronald F. Schwarz,
Supreme Treasurer
Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc.